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What is GOPO?

GOPO (glycoside of mono and diglycerol) is the active compound isolated from the rose-hip rosa canina that has been clinically proven to help reduce joint pain and stiffness, improving flexibility and mobility.

What evidence is there that GOPO® is effective against joint pain?

"82% of patients reported a reduction in pain after 3 weeks"
The latest trial published in the Scandinavian Journal of Rheumatology 2005 showed that 82% of patients reported a reduction in pain after 3 weeks of active treatment with GOPO. Pain was alleviated to such an extent that 40% reduced their consumption of paracetamol.

Further evidence of the effectiveness of GOPO on chronic joint conditions has been reported in the Phytomedicine Journal, 2004; 66% of patients taking GOPO® reported a reduction in joint pain. Interestingly, patients also reported an improvement in general wellbeing; including mood, sleep quality and energy.

How does GOPO® compare to glucosamine and other natural supplements for joint pain?

Some studies suggest that glucosamine can decrease the break down of cartilage. In a 3 year study published in The Lancet in January 2001, 20-25% stated that pain in their knees and hips was reduced after taking glucosamine for 3 months. However, scientists could not show that taking glucosamine improved mobility and flexibility or reduced the use of painkillers. GOPO® in many cases has clear advantages when it comes to the effect on inflammation, pain and mobility. Moreover it has been shown to decrease the use of pain-killers and anti-inflammatory drugs by 40-50%4.

Chrondroitin is often sold in combination with glucosamine. It is though to draw fluid into the tissue to give cartilage elasticity and slow down cartilage breakdown. However, a recent GAIT study conducted by the National Institute of Health in the USA suggests that overall a combination of glucosamine and chrondroitin is only 25% effective at reducing pain - recent studies on GOPO have shown it to be 82% effective in reducing pain.

Does GOPO come with any side effects?

No. GOPO is an entirely natural compound and has no known side effects.

I am diabetic / I have an allergy - can I still benefit from taking GOPO?

Yes. GOPO is safe for use by individuals suffering from diabetes and allergies.

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